Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quadriplegic Mosher

My new amigo burns! posted a few more snaps from the Motörhead show at the Club Nokia 10/09/09.

And while these photos are kick-a$$, it's the following pics that really caught my eye. Take a look.

Here's the story behind the photo, that burns! posted on his flickr stream.

"I saw the guy on the left moving through the crowd at the Motörhead concert at Club Nokia. As he joined the two on the right, I approached and asked if they wouldn't mind posing for a photograph. Guy on the left says sure, and as I back up a pace to fit the three of them in the photo, the skunk-like one backs out and moves the dude in the sweatshirt into the frame. No explanation, no introduction; I've no idea who he is. The band's manager? In any case, I think he makes the photo".

This snap blows my mind. It destroys the common stereotypes about people living with the looks of it, they are more than able! As I mentioned to burns!, it's now one of my favourites and it just screams two words: Courage! Inspiration!

Here's how burns! describes what he saw through the lens.

"As Motörhead performed on stage, I looked down from the balcony into the mosh pit. Along with all the other crazed fans running around and knocking into each other, I saw this guy moving his wheelchair back and forth with the joystick in his mouth. He was moving around the mosh pit, running into other moshers. That shit is hard core. I think I went in a little too close with the lens, so it's hard to get the full impact of the mosh pit."

Puts things in prospective huh?!?!


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