Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FU Rolling Stone

I was expecting a little more than just another article. Instead what does a guy get after thirty years as mastermind, lead singer and all-around bad ass of one of the greatest bands of all time?

Did I mention 20 plus albums, countless tours and appearances... and you're considered by other musicians as a living legend, a man who inspired everyone who is anyone to grab a guitar and start a band! You get another frickn' by-line. That's it!

I'm sorry... ya, I was expecting a COVER!

I mean, what the f#%k does Lemmy have to do to get some respect from the American music industry. 'Madonna Looks Back'... this is fu%kn' bull$hit! I can't even begin to describe how pi$$ed I am!

Oh right, it's not about the music any more... it's about the money.

I have a message to Jann S. Wenner (RS creator) and all the folks at Rolling Stone, the magazine and website.

To the writers, editors, management, sales people, web people, front office staff...

to the mail room boys/girls, staff photographers, copy people, secretaries and anyone else who works for the piece-of-$hit rag... FU!

Yes you!

RS news blog posted a Q&A titled: 'Vampire of The Sunset Strip'. I'm not going to link to it because it's $hit.

I do however, want to see more photos like the one above. As I mentioned in a previous post (refer to On the Cuv of The Rolling Stone) Pep Bonet was commissioned to shoot the band and spent a few months on tour snapping pic after pic (it's a link to just a few of them).

As for Lemmy, I know he doesn't give a $hit what other people say or think about him. His reputation and tenure speak for themselves... loud and clear! Check my post entitled 'Put Lemmy in The R&R Hall of Fame'.

To Lem, 'Don't Let Em' get You Down'. To all the others... 'Die You Bastard'!

Ace ♠

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