Friday, October 9, 2009

Motörhead Plays on Kimmel

Motörhead performed last night, 10/08/09 on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here it is. had this to say about the show.

Dig the three chicks in the front row all sporting full face motorcycle helmets with Motörhead vinyl graphic emblazoned on them.

They're pretty cool. You can buy them just about anywhere, check out this sale on at the motorcycle super store if you'd like.

They have motocross as well as cruiser lids available.

How about this Motörhead tribute helmet (click on link for more pics and helmets) by pitstop-paint.

With that logo right there I don't even have to sign off.

Ace (of) ♠'s


Löst Jimmy said...

Hey Ace!

Motorhead were on top form playing IRON FIST on the Kimmel Show eh?!

I absolutely dig your Blogsite.
Keep up the good work.

Rock It!

Ace said...

Thanks Jimmy.
Coming from you that means a lot. Unlike you, I'm certainly no wordsmith but I try. I am also a follower of your blog and can’t speak highly enough about it. Look at me… going on like it’s the mutual admiration society! Thanks for the shout out. If you see any major boo boos, factual errors, or any other big blunder - please let me know. If there’s anyone who knows Motörhead… it’s you.

It’s all about the metal
♠ \m/ ♠