Friday, October 16, 2009

End Of An Era for Buell

The Buell Motorcycle Co. announced on 10/16/09 it will cease operations by the end of October.

That absolutely blows! Erik Buell posted this new release video on the companies website.

Here's what the big wigs at H-D had to say about their decision to discontinue the Buell brand. Susan Carpenter of the LA Times spoke wit Paul James of Harley.

That is one SIC scoot!

Here's what posted about Buell's announcement.

Don't know much about Erik, here's his bio on Wikipedia.

A.J Wood was recently asked to paint a portrait of Erik. I copied a quote from Woods' blog about his experience painting the piece.

"I was recently commissioned to paint a retrospective portrait of Erik Buell, President of Buell Motorcycles, to present to him during his recent visit to Cycle Connections Harley Davidson and Buell in Joplin, Missouri. What a treat to have such an opportunity. I can remember watching Erik race at Daytona back in the day, and I've always admired his mechanical design contributions to the motorcycle industry. Buell corporate provided some images for reference, and the whole thing was done with Erik Unaware. I had a blast painting this portrait."

This is a wicked snap of Erik 'back in the day'. Buell is also in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.
Given it's the end of the work week and the end of an era in the motorcycle world, it would only be appropriate to raise a glass in honour of Erik. In honour of his accomplishments, his bikes and to all those who believed in his dream.
So much for my idea about kicking off the weekend with a uplifting post and a snap of a 'babe du jour'. F%#K!
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