Monday, October 19, 2009

A Post Of Posters

Check it.. some wild artwork by Tomahawks Works. These posters were lifted from his flickr photostream. This first one is awesome!

I haven't seen much artwork for the Motörizer album/CD, but this imagery hits the nail on the head for me. An out of control fuel tanker truck, with a Snaggletöoth styled grille and bush guard, tank ablaze and she's screamin' down the highway. T-Shirt material I say!

As for concert posters, he uploaded a couple for our viewing enjoyment.

Here's one he did for the Black Label Society.

This poster was inked for a Motörhead concert dated Sept. 23 at the Pageant. It features (I presume), Wild Bill Hickock with his now infamous 'Dead Mans Hand'.

Although, his illustration is far from accurate. Wild Bill was shot in the back of the head with a 45 by Jack McCall.

In other words, the exit wound certainly wouldn't look like the one in the poster. Still... it's a pretty cool piece of work!

Dead Mans Hand

I came across this comic strip on The story that goes along with it is worth checking out. It describes the order with which the cards must be dealt for the hand to work! Uh huh... scary!

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