Saturday, October 3, 2009

Parental Advisory, Skarhead is Back!

Put the kids to bed, turn down the blinds and turn up the tunes... because after 10 long years Skarhead has finally laid down some new vinyl.

They also sat down for a bull $hit session with

Described as New York 'hood core'... these guys are full throttle, in-your-face metal/punk & hard core ol' skool rap/hip-hop to the bone!

Their debut album 'Drugs, Money & Sex' was released in 1997. They added another 'Kings at Crime' in 99' and (plus a greatest/live hit CD) then... nutin'!

This is there new one, 'Drugs, Music & Sex' set for release in November.

This is how a music source described the 99' release of 'Kings At Crime'.

"It contains bruising yet sincere lyrics dealing with revenge, honor, and heartbreak, taking the listener on a hardcore joy ride through a land where Drugs, Money, and Sex reign supreme."

Woe... gnarly! Sounds like the sound track for 'Grand Theft Auto'.

Why do I care about Skarhead, well these guys also cut an album (with a number of bands including the Dropkick Murphys), called: 'Built For Speed - A Motörhead Tribute'.

Their contribution, 'Sweet Revenge'. You can order it here on Here's what had to say about the CD/Album.

"At long last, a tribute to one of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands ever, Mötörhead -- much praise to Victory for getting its shit together. Of particular note: With a song as immortal as "Ace Of Spades," hardly anyone can fuck it up, thus, Blood For Blood does the deed with considerable big-cocked aplomb and all the burliness the Boston brutes are known for; same goes for the eternal "Motorhead," given a fully gassed 'n' gonzo treatment by (formerly R.E.O.) Speedealer; Integrity chugs its way through "Orgasmatron" with the utmost evil, and frontman Dwid sounds, well, like Dwid kareoke-ing Lemmy -- hair-raising, to say the very least, giving the original serious competition for superiority. Performances range from excellent (Electric Frankenstein's "We Are the Road Crew," Zeke's "I'll Be Your Sister," Dropkick Murphys' "Rock and Roll,") to forgettable (Skarhead's "Sweet Revenge," Fahrenheit 451's "No Class," Groovie Ghoulies' "R.A.M.O.N.E.S."). Nonetheless, Victory's giving "the kids" a much-warranted history lesson, so that there will be less Earth Crisis rip-offs in the future".

Say what ya want... I think their sound is SIC! But like any other group, they're the type of band you gotta see live to really appreciate their streetwise, two-fisted style.

This is the video for their single D.F.F., if you gotta ask... google it. KICK A$$!!!

Ace ♠

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