Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Harley XR1200 Café Kit

If ever there was a café racer with my name on it... it's right here! Given the fact I own a Sporty it's no stretch to say I wouldn't mind owning another (just gotta convince the wife now).

But this isn't your average café! It's the Harley XR1200 (check out the review from MotorcycleUSA).

A friend of mine sent me a link to a site which manufactures café style racer kits and parts for the XR1200. The company is called Jewel Racer. I'm french but don't count on me to translate their site for you... you're on your own Mon Amie! And mind yer oown biznesss, you english pig-dog you (Monty Python humour)!

That fairing is absolutely kick a$$! Ya... black is the way to go in MHO. Now as you may know, a lot of companies offer café and/or body kits for the XR. You name it it's out there (like everything else I guess).

What I did glean from their website was apparently how easy these café kits are to install. The prices were in euro$ however, so I'm not sure ho much they cost.

And I ain't sure what they're made of. What I can tell you... is that the boys at sideburn and ChopperDave, (who test rode the bike for an extended period) absolutely love it (so do countless others)!

That pic says it all! Man it looks as if it's taken right off of a European racing circut. I found some additional snaps of the kit on their myspace page as well.

I have no idea who the model is... but she could be a side dish on my café any day.

Ace ♠

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