Sunday, September 27, 2009

Snaggletoöth Devours Canada

♪ Oh Canada, our home and Metal Land ♫ Party on Garth! Motörhead-fanatics in Al-brutal got their wish. The boys added a second Cow Town show on Sept.27th due to overwhelming demand.

They'll play the 28th as well her at Flames Central, and then head north to Edmon-chuck.

This pic was taken in TO, their last stop in the great white north. And while it's not a first for Motörhead to book a second gig, the first show they play in Cow-town will be a first for Francis Ruiz.
Mikkey Dee's Drum tech Ruiz, will pound the skins for that show. Dee has just wrapped up shooting of the Swedish Version of the TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity get me out of here’.

Dee, will be reunited with Lemmy & Phil the following night, for the second show on the 28th in Calgary. The paying public in Alberta won't be disappointed.

Ruiz has played with Great White, CC DeVille and is pounding the toms with 40 Cycle Hum.

Here's a vid of Ruiz during a sound check in 2008, jamming with Lemmy, Phil and another guitar tech. playing "Killed By Death". Not bad!

Mr. Single Bass, Matt Sorum filled in for Dee for 11 shows on this tour. All-in-all he did an admirable job.

Ace ♠

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