Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday Night Cruise #7

Here are some more snaps from 'Sunday Night Cruise Night' at the Pony. We'll begin with black and white... and a new Mustang... and some guy in jean shorts pushin' a stroller.

Sorry. I Had to show this. I caught a few guys oogling over the Motörheadster.

This is one cool hot rod. The owner calls it 'Bare it All', and with good reason. That's right no paint, just bare metal and does it look great. You really have to see this one in person to appreciate it.

From bare tin... to a Tin Lizzie era car.

Flat black... yup that's the only reason this next car is in this post!

Time for some trucks and vehicles that resemble trucks as well. Ah yes, more flat black, a colour every hot rodder knows and loves!

Ya, a white truck. I know.. I know.. I know! I like black, but it looked pretty cool so I thought I'd give it a try.

All right, I couldn't take it. Now that's more lik it. Black! Black! Black!
Ace ♠

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