Monday, September 21, 2009

Saxon "Heavy Metal Thunder" Movie

So... the question now is which metal documentary will hit the big screen first? Lemmy's "Lemmy the movie" or Saxon's forthcoming movie "Heavy Metal Thunder".
Saxon has just posted a few more trailers for their doc.

I've seen the first trailer but the others are fairly new. Enjoy.

The band has been around for thirty years and this film celebrates the achievement.

Lemmy, Mikkey, Phil as well as former Motörhead guitarist "Fast" Eddie Clarke and Lars from Metallica are just a few of the big names to boast of the British bands attributes, their success and longevity in the rock & roll business.

 has published this piece on the bands aforementioned doc. Here's a quote I pulled from the story from Saxon lead singer Biff Byford.

"Saxon have a great story to tell and some bloody fantastic songs to celebrate. I think you'll agree it needs to be done properly, so get your orders in now. This will be one of the best rock docs you’ll ever see."

The film is expected to be released this November.

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