Friday, September 4, 2009

Motörhead - Toronto, Montreal

Here's the set list from Motörhead's Concert in Toronto from

POST UPDATE #2: I found some pics from the Montreal Concert. You can check them out at photo gallery.

Motörhead just concluded their first two gigs in the great white north in Montreal and Toronto, Sept 2nd. & 3rd.

No pics to speak of yet, but I did find a great review of Motörheads concert at the Sound Academy in TO in the Metro. Check it.

The boys then hit the Metropolis in Montreal. No reviews.

When Motörhead played Detroit, motorcityblog got an interview with Lemmy just before the show.

Meanwhile, Mikkey Dee's adventures in that Swedish TV reality show are set to begin. Check out the poster advertising the show. It's in a recent article on

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