Sunday, September 6, 2009

Metal's Not A Genre... It's A Lifestyle!

I have always said, metal is not a genre... it's a lifestyle (why do people always laugh when I say that)! You know... it's not just the hair and loud music.

That's pretty cool though.

And it's not always about black leather, studs, bullet belts and... psychedelic shorts?!?!?

WTF is that all about? And his bud is flippn' someone the bird! That's a one metal fan who isn't short on courage.

You know... real hard-core, metal fanatics. Black T-shirt, jeans, plaid jacket, high top sneakers and wobbly pops.

Now that's wut I'm talkn' bout!! Wikipedia even has a page dedicated to heavy metal fashion. The reason I brought this up... some writer named Arkard with has actually taken the time to build a 'Metal Tree', that qualifies the type of metal aficionado you are. HONESTLY!!!

Here it is. (click on pic to enlarge the test)

Wow. I know, like dude, get a life! Here is Arkard's article that details his explanation of the test and the groupings of metal styles and genres. It's kinda' cool.

He's not the only one who has tried to categorize the musical phenomenon or the people in it.

I found another site that has a description/definition of metal people on under the heading about us and culture.

So... whether you're into new metal.

Whoa, not that new. But it's good to start em' young.

Can't forget the ladies. Did I mention metal chicks are tough!

Hey, even monks dig heavy metal. It was AC/DC karaoke night. He was singing "Highway to Buda"

Or if you're a metal wannabe, now you know where you fit into the genre... um, lifestyle. Crap! Busted!

Ace ♠

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