Monday, September 7, 2009

A Meathead at the Motörhead Show

Apparently Motörhead's Atlantic City show was a wild one... well for one moron and a bunch of knobs on the floor!

Haven't seen a write up (in the MSM) on it yet, but I did find some evidence of the mosh-pit melee and the drunken/stoned/right-frickn'-out-of-control dude, who supposedly jumped on stage with Lemmy and the boys.

This video was posted on YouTube by UFO4X. Sounds like the show was kinda nuts for a while. As for the tunes they eventually belted out, this is the set list from the gig at the House of Blues according to

This is UFOX's version of what happened in the mosh-pit. I guess he got pummeled. Motörhead then hit Boston on Sept. 6/09.

One YouTube post from the Boston show. Hopefully it wasn't as rough for Phil and Lemmy out front. I did notice Mikkey was still pounding the skins. I guess he hasn't left to take part in that Swedish reality show yet (refer to post: Mikkey's out, Matt Sorum is in). Sounds like this tour may be as rough as being in the jungles of Malaysia.

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