Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Sporty Makes The Cover.

Finally junk email that isn't junk! I received an alert from an online book store about a forthcoming coffee table book that fit my so-called "profile".

In honour of S&S Cycles 50th Anniversary, the company held a little competition and produced a book, 'Today's Top Custom Bike Builders', to encapsulate the results. The book features 50 of the best bike builders going mano-a-mano with their S&S powered custom bikes hoping to win $50K.

This is the bike on the cover, yup a Sporty! Odyssey Motorcycles built it. This XL is dubbed 'Naga', and named after the hottest chili pepper in the world.

These bitchn' machines are also featured in the book. The author of the book is Howard Kelly. He has an interesting link to S&S other than this book, he's the former communications manager for the company.

And his name may ring a bell, because if you read and or follow the bike scene, you'll have seen his John Henry on a few motorcycle articles.

Kelly has been editor at Hot Bike magazine and at Street Chopper magazine and a staff member at Hot Rod Harleys and Motorcyclist magazines.

Jay Leno wrote the forward for the book.

Michael Lichter took the pics. You can pre-order the book on The official release date is Sept. 24/09.

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