Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Night Cruise #6

Had to hit one of the final Cruise Night's of the year at the Pony.

Again, there are way too many sic cars to profile, so I've chosen three that caught my eye. I'll begin with an Awesome Austin!

This is an Austin Healey 3000. This two-seater is prime!

I believe this next car is an Olds 88, circa 50-54ish. However, I could be on another planet because I didn't get a chance to talk with the owner.

This ringed globe emblem was first used by Olds on a Pace Car at Indy, the '88 Rocket'.

This is a Mercury Montclair circa 1955. Another prime ride.

Love that 'M' below the grille, straddling the front two bumpers.

I'll post some more pics in a few days. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I do.

Ace ♠

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