Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"I Drink A Bottle Of Jack A Day"

The boys are wrapping up their stint in the great white north (Vancouver on Oct 01/09) and then they're headed back to the states (and then Europe).

(That's a SIC photo of Lemmy)

Here's a Canoe Canada interview with Lemmy dubbed 'Lemmy's A Rock Survivor'. And here's a write-up from the Calgary Harold on Lemmy, 'A Lasting Thrash Rock Icon'. Get this... instead of writing their own articles, here's what I found on the R&R Hall Of Fame site, called 'Motorhead's Lemmy: I Still Drink A Lot, About A Bottle of jack Daniels A Day'.

Ya, I know... I said WTF are they doing! They haven't said boo about Lemmy in years and for some reason they've decided to post all these articles about the man, the myth, the legend. I mean, they won't consider him for the RRHOF but ABBA and Madonna & all her kids are a shoe in?!?! Bull$hi#!! I promised I wouldn't go there... so, enough said. Dinks!!

These cool snaps were taken at the show at Midland Theater, Kansas City, MO Sept. 24/09.

You can check out the pics at this site: zzimfo photostream on Flickr.

Love that pic of Lemmy. Did I mention the bozos at the RRHOF are all frickn' morons!! All right, no more about the boobs at the hall... honest.

Dick-wads! OK that's it. There.

That's better... remind me, why do I pay a psycho-pathogist all that money when I can simply vent here! Rock & Roll Hall Of-Fidiots!

Ace ♠

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