Tuesday, September 29, 2009

'Do the Jogglebug'

I thought this was pretty cool. It's called a JoggleBug.

So, what is it... well a JoggleBug is essentially a daily audio diary or update from an artists, performer or celebrity. It's a glorified voice mail that allows you to hear what your favourite artists is up to. Why do I care... well, guess who is now a client and providing updates, yup Lemmy & Motörhead!

JoggleBug co-founder and CEO, Ann Cameron Troy was interviewed by Blabbermouth.net and says "He's the coolest guy, (Lemmy) and I'm so honored that he believed in my vision from the beginning."

"His presence is as undeniable as his voice and when you can hear directly from Lemmy, you know it's real, not an assistant or manager writing or texting for him."

I've just added it to the blog, just scroll down the right hand side of the Motörheadster to check it.

Ace ♠

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