Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New for 2010, A Cool Metric Bagger and Brass Balls!

A couple of bikes caught my eye. The first is Sucker Punch Sallys 'Lady Liberty'.

Jeff Cochran & the boys teamed up with CAO Cigars (in June) and built this custom bobber-style swinger. It's mantra “Free To Ride—Free To Smoke”.

The bike was hand-painted by Sara Ray.

SPS has worked with Ray on a number of occasions, and she seems to be painting more and more of their bikes. You might even consider her their in-house artist.

She's one 'smokin' machine you might say. The other ride that's just out is the 2010 Stratoliner Deluxe. Yup, a Yamaha!

The Star line has stolen a big chunk of the market and rightfully so. They're big, fast, dependable and they are relatively inexpensive. Ya, ya, all you H-D guys can go blow a fuse... cause'

... what a guy rides, as long as he rides. And this my friends is one sweet ride.

I'm not one for baggers, I may even refer to them by another moniker, but this one has all the right numbers and most of all, it's only available in black!

Here's a write up on the Stratoliner Deluxe by Steve Atlas, from motorcycleusa.com, some one whose way more qualified than yours truly on the subject.
As for Harley's 2010 line-up, I think these two bikes will make a big stink next year.

The 2010 Fat Boy Lo. This new version gets new ergos, lowered suspension, and the blacked-out treatment. Love it.

The Dyna 'Wide Glide' has been brought back from the scrap heap to ride another day. The last WG line that was mass produced, was a special 105th Anniversary model in 08'. Check out the rake & lowered suspension, 2-into-1 pipes as well as a black wire sissy bar. She's a throw back to the good ol' days. Here's a review and more H-D models.

Brass Balls Choppers & Bobbers is also making a splash with it new production bobber called the 'Model 1S'.

And Indian has a new 'Dark Horse' & 'Bomber'. Here's the write-up.

Can't forget Victory. Their entire line-up seems to be getting a face lift, take a look. I could go on... but those are the new 2010 rides that looked pretty cool, don't worry there's more to come.

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