Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wacken Festival

Datz ryte.. dees iz Germany's beeggest matele festiwal.
(Sorry, my German isn't that great).

Eighty plus thousand people make a pilgrimage to Hamburg and converge in a field of tents, Porta Johns, B-B-Q's and beer fridges to bang their heads during a weekend of metal mayhem.

It's of course the 'Wacken Open Air Festival' in Hamburg, Germany July 31/09.

It's includes some of metal's biggest names, including Motörhead.

For more pics, videos and other stuff that is Wacken, you can check out Wackentube.

Here's a cool time lapse of Wacken's set up (Takes a few seconds to load but it's pretty cool).

Here's a report from a German TV station. I have no idea what they're saying but I'm sure I heard the reporter say Motörhead?!?

Tickets for 2010 are on sale now.

Motörhead has played in the W.O.A heavy metal festival for years.

They've released a DVD from their performance in 2006. I don't own a copy but I'm sure you could snag one on eBay.

Motörhead - Live At Wacken Open Air 2006
Track list:
1.Doctor Rock
2.Stay Clean
3.Love Me Like A Reptile
6.Over The Top
7.No Class
8.I got Mine
9.In The Name Of Tragedy
10.Dancing On Your Grave
11.Fast And Loose
13.Going To Brazil
14.Killed By Death
15.Iron Fist
16.Ace Of Spades

This pic was taken when Motörhead played Wacken in 2004.

Dude... the ABBA concert was last week!

(some pix courtesy of 3base flickr)

I'm not one for big events, but I think this is one festival I could learn to like.

Um... ya not sure what this is all about. Maybe it's all that sauerkraut and beer?
Ace ♠

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