Friday, August 28, 2009

The Boys Are Back in Town

It's the day Motörheadbangers have been waiting for. The beast is unleashed in North America!

First stop August 28/09, First Avenue & 7th Street Eatery Minneapolis.

For more info, you can check out the venue here First Avenue.

Lemmy recently sat down with Melanie Falina of the for a bit of a Q&A on touring and everything in between.

Here's her write up One Lucky Devil.

This is also (on Aug. 26/09 I believe) the one year anniversary of the release of Motörizer.

And guess what, Lemmy says the boys will be heading into the studio to record a new Album/CD in January 2010.

Motörizer is like their... what, 24th studio album? And in MHO, it was pretty good. What could possibly be on the next album that they haven't already covered?

(I absolutely love that pic of Lemmy)

I mean Lemmy is 63! The band will be 35! And, and... oh, who frickn' cares, it's Motörhead and that's how they roll!

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