Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday Night Ride - Steinbach

Every Tuesday my ol' lady doesn't expect me home for supper because she knows full well that it's TNR night.

No need to call home, I ain't pickn' up milk, there's no meal waitn', no nutin'... I just head straight to Le Garage café.

(the Motörheadster & Paul's Fat Boy)

I've got my priorities. So... where in the F*%k, was everyone else this week?? Don't know, all I know is there's only three reasons a guy should miss TNR.

1) If you're in jail.

2) You're on frickn' life support in hospital.

3) Or your bike is on a lift and the front end is on the shop bench.

That's it. Period! This TNR it was just Paul, Darren and I.

(Darren's Super Glide)

Paul and Darren had to be there, they had a gig that night! Oh well, we decided to make it worth our while and headed south to Steinbach, the Father Land.

Before we hit the road, it happened again. The TNR tradition continued (refer to this post TNR - Selkirk and scroll down to the GPZ-550 bike) with Mike. He didn't have his bike out because he's got a bad back. He was wearin' a cool Sporty T though.

You can pick em' up from a number of shops, here's a link to Lowrow Customs. I've bought stuff from these folks and they're great to deal with. Mike owns a sporty and we got to talkin' about some of the changes I've made, and still plan to make, including converting the Motörheadster into a hardtail.

(This is a weld-on hardtail from NastyBikes)

I was workin' on just a few hours sleep and my memory was the schnizzle (describing some of the mods & other details) so he probably thought I was talking out of my a$$.

So I thought I'd show him (and others who've inquired on my blog and other forums I write in) the type of weld-on hardtails that are available and that they are indeed legal.

I'll begin with Bitter End Old School Choppers.

This guy claims to sell a ton of the weld-ons and has em' for every year of Sporty. Here's some pics of what he has to offer (he also has an eBay store).

Here's a great snap of the OG Sporty frame and the weld-on attached (welded at the top & bolted to the lower motor mounts).

And here's what it looks like after it's reassembled. Love it!!

Ledsled Customs also bangs out weld-ons but theirs are a little different.

As you can see in this pic, they weld both the top and bottom to the OG frame. They also offer complete hardtail conversion kits for 82-03 XL Sportsters.

Sporty Specialties is another shop that deal specifically with Sportys including all kinds of parts and supplies.

Back to TNR.

Darren used his G-P-S (or something on his phone) to find a route and avoid construction on the number #1 Hwy. I think he should call it a G-Poo-S, cause' that's all I could smell all the way to the automobile city.

Hog barn...

after cow pasture...

after hog barn.
When we arrived we decided coffee was the drink of choice.

The boys were lookin' for a Starbucks.

Ya.. there ain't a Starbucks in Steinbach, so we had to settle for Timmy's.

Paul says he's not a Tim's fan and would rather pay $5 for a frap-a-thing-a-ma-chino than drink TH coffee. Me, I don't care, as long as it's strong and black.

It was a great trip, we talked about my two favourite topics... coffee and bikes.

Darren showed me a snap of a V-8 Boss Hoss he had on his phone from their Sturgis adventures.

(click on pic for link)
Big and fast but the ugliest bike everrrrrr! Paul had a pic of a Hellcat.

Ya, that's Tom (psycho-tology) Cruise. It's his alien bike. Ha! Speaking of fast.
Paul said this is his dream bike an ECOSSE Moto Works Iconoclast.
135 hp at the rear tire.
0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds.
Quarter mile low 10's.
Dry weight 460 lbs.
I had the throttle cracked all the way on this trip and I was still in their dust... I can't imagine if Paul had one of these. Still it was worth the trip.
Ace ♠

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