Thursday, August 27, 2009


It was truly a WTF moment!

I walked out of work and found a Vanillaroma air freshener hanging from the mirror of my bike.

I don't know who the prankster was who put it there, but I thought it was kinda' cool so... for $hit$ & giggle$ I left it on.

Funny thing is, I actually caught the odd whiff of it as I was riding home. At stop lights and then stuck in traffic. And ya know... it didn't smell all that bad either!

What was even funnier... the looks from other drivers in their vehicles as I was zipping past em'.

You could all but read their lips. "Hey Martha, does he have an air freshener on the mirror of his motorcycle?"

And then they'd say... "Did that young man just give us the mini-me salute?"

Ace ♠


Rob said...

Great sense of humor...

Ace said...

Thanks Rob. I'm a big believer that, if the women don't find you handsome... they better find you humorous!