Monday, August 10, 2009

Solo Bag

Here's another household chore (like this post prolonging the life of your T-shirts) the ol' lady should never know you can handle.

Don't laugh... I know how to use a sewing machine.

la la la...

OK, you can shut your pie hole now! I decided to tackle a solo bag for the Motörheadster.

First materials. I'll use plastic snap buckles and I got some outdoor thread (doesn't rot). I'm using one meter of vinyl (in case I screw this up royally) instead of leather.

And, I don't have a machine to sew leather... yet. Stop laughing!

I got (stole) my design and inspiration from the boys at Nash Bros. Motorcycles.

This is their 'Sancho Bag'. (I'm sure mine will look nutin' like this!)

They also have a 'Nasty Ol' Bag' as well as a complete leather line for your bike. I love the way they hide the battery and ignition inside the bag.

And get this, they also offer a 'Gun Sling' option for their bags. Awesome! It's really amazing how similar my design is to the Sancho design.

I began by cutting the required vinyl, folding around the perimeter of the material and creating a nice edge.

I didn't take any classes or have any formal upholstery training, I just kinda' worked it out in my head and then started sewing.

Here's a shot of the first side all sew-ded up.

I had to figure out how to stop the vinyl from unfolding before I hit the edges. So I just taped it and ran the machine across the edge making sure not to hit the tape.

Here's an outside view. Now just finish the back side and we're almost there.

This is the top flap of the bag flipped down.

So far, so good!

Shut up... it's not a MURSE!!!

Now I'll add the buckles and waa-lah!

It's done. Two things left to do; Install it and give it a name (like the Nash bags). That's all for the next post.

Here's a preview pic.

Ace ♠

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