Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Wet Horse

This is what I woke up to this morning. SOB.

I left my mag, 'The Horse BSC', outside on the patio table... and it rained.

Ya... it's the July edition. I guess I got busy doin' somethin' else and it slipped my mind to bring it in with me.

It didn't rain very much or very hard, so it really isn't that bad. It's certainly salvageable.

Only a few pages received any real water damage. No biggie!

I also found the remnants of my Cohiba cigar. The wrapper, matches and my cutter were all in a plastic bag. Don't worry I did finish the cigar so it wasn't ruined (cuz that would really suck)!

On a side note, I did find an article that I wanted to feature in this post for Mike (refer to post: TNR - Steinbach).

I mentioned to him I wanted to convert the Motörheadster into a DIY hardtail. And I told Mike I saw an article in the July edition of 'The Horse', describing how a guy did just that with his '85 Sporty.

(click on pic)

He didn't seem convinced and thought I may have been mistaken about the issue or possibly the mag with which I read the article in. No worries bro, it's all here. If there's anything I've learned in life (at least that I can still remember), is never bull$hit the troops! Thanks Gramps!

As for the mag... no harm no foul. You could say, she was read hard... and put away wet.

Ace ♠

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