Friday, August 21, 2009

Lemmy In The News (Samantha Fox)

I wasn't sure if this was more for the tabloids or Motörheadster. Former Playboy Playmate, model and singer Samantha Fox is apparently getting hitched to her long time partner.

(click on pic for link to story)

No biggy, but what is newsworthy... she wants Lemmy to give her away at the wedding.

He may also be attending a special reception, which may be held in Siberia.

This, all according to OK! Magazine. I've never read it and don't intend to.

(Stuart Wilson/Ghetty Images Europe)

Here's Fox, still lookin' good, at the East London Film Fest. in April of 09'. I found some pics of Lemmy at a friends wedding (certainly not his own).

This pic was snapped in November of 92' at the snakemannn's wedding which was held in Holly Wood.

I'm not sure of the relationship between Lemmy and the B&G, but he cleans up real well, and looks good in a suit.

(Fox at the Countdown Spectacular in 07' in Australia - Kristian Dowling/Ghetty Images Ent.)

Anyway, according to the article, Samantha says quote "Liz Mitchell from Boney M may do the ceremony" because she is an ordained pastor.

That'd be one interesting wedding. I can hear Lemmy's toast now.. "Here's to the bride... um, and to the bride!"

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