Friday, August 21, 2009

AC/DC Concert

There is no better venue for a band like AC/DC than an open air stadium. Mind you, they'd never be able to fit all that equipment into an arena! Those speaker stacks were impressive.

One hour before the show and the stadium is starting to fill up.

Otis, his brother and a buddy of theirs.

The 'T' stage was at least 2-hundred feet long and seven feel high.

Had to get a shot of the 'Hells Bell'.

The Answer opened for the boys from down unda'.

Bikers and AC/DC just seem to go together.

Here we are. Diesel (left) & Tater (aka - Reg and Dean). Row #19, middle of the pack. Very nice.

Shouldn't be long now... ya kid, you better put your earplugs in.

If you haven't seen the 'Black Ice' tour produced video opening, here she is (not the greatest quality - I just brought my little camera).

Angus in action.

(Photo Courtesy: WFP - Dave Lipnowski)

(Photo Courtesy: WFP - Dave Lipnowski)

Here's how the night went according to

Brian's still got it.

(Highway to Hell :58 of it)

This AC/DC concert review was in the Local paper.


(Thunder Struck Video 1:31 of it)

If I wasn't hitched, Rosie would be my girl.

(Hells Bells only 1:35 of it)

Angus' solo was incredible. What is he 97 years old? Awesome!

'For Those About to Rock' closed out the set (as per usual) with a twenty one gun salute.

Hats off to Angus and the boys.

It was a kick-a$$ show.

Ace ♠

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