Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tuesday Night Ride - Selkirk

Our TNR begins with a great shot! I like this snap. This is Justin's ride (H-D Night train).

OK, OK, Ray... you can use it as a wallpaper on your Blackberry if you want.

Justin's bud (another musician, a drummer) Dave joined us on his 08' Victory.

Only a few mods including new pipes that sound great!

Black, on black, on black. Victory eh? Ya... I'd say that colour scheme is a winning combo in my books.

Every TNR there's one guy who shows up for at least a pre-departure beer who won't be able to hit the rode with us.

This week it was Rob. For some reason he didn't think his GPZ-550 Kawasaki was worthy.

F#&k that... it's not what your ride, as long as you ride! Rob, saddle up next week dude.

On this night we decided to roll north to Selkirk.

Catfish country.

Makin' the trip with us, Darrin on his 09' Dyna Super Glide. Another musician, a pretty good guitar player from what I'm told.

Vance & Hines 'Long Shots' pipes, new mirrors and a stage one kit.
Great lines. I'm old school (or just old) and still one of those guys who likes the look of shocks on the rear swing arm. Classic!
Darren's skull cap.

Speaking of lids, here's Paul's new noodle protector. Achtung man! It really suits him. Just plain kewl!

You gotta' add a spike Paul, this one comes with two options.

What he did add was a Klock Werks logo. I didn't get a pic of it. I'm not sure if it's one of their products or he just added the decal to the helmet.

He still had (borrowed) hard bags on the fat Boy, left over from their run to the 09' Sturgis Rally.

Sounds like the boys had a good time (that's for another post).

Just as we were about to head out, Darren got an email from Ray that he couldn't ride with us cause' he was playing... golf!?!?

Hopefully he washed his own balls!

(Click on pic for link)

(Click on pic for link)
We rolled through Lockport past the Half Moon and Skinners.

It's been around for years and is known for it's world famous hot dogs.

We stopped for a beer at the Lord Selkirk Hotel.

A couple of the guys ordered these.

What's with this 'Bud Lime' craze?

Everywhere I go people are drinkin' this stuff like it was the nectar of the gods.

Must be a fad... like the labbatt light (or diet blue as I called em') craze in the mid to late 80's. Remember...

My brew of choice (back then) was Carling Standard Lager.
I was a die hard stubby guy.

My buddy Woodtick and I drank these until the brewery finally gave in and stopped makin' em'. Yup.. they weren't twist offs either.

This was my other vice; Wiser's Oldest, now known as 'Very Old'.

As we were chatting I asked Paul (refer to my post 'Loudest Band in The World') who his favourite bass player is.

(Paul, here with Doc Walker & his weapon)

He was somewhat apprehensive in his answer knowing full well that "anything you say, can and will be used against you in the Motörheadster Blog".

Darren interjected with a few names... I think this guy, Victor Wooten came up.

And a few other guys I've never heard of. Some were listed here in bass

Steve Harris (self taught) from Iron Maiden wasn't one of them. The guys just laugh at me when I throw these names out.

Lemmy... Nu uh (I knew he wouldn't be though).

The more musicians I get to know, the less it seems, I really know about music! The only analagy that comes to mind we Canucks can grasp is; it's like playing in a rec. hockey leauge with pro hockey players. Not only are they from the NHL, they're on a HNL! Nuf' said.
As we were leaving the pub I took this snap.

I don't know if anyone else noticed but, does that sign really say 'Fri. Kareoke - Sat. Free Erotic Bingo'??? WTF's up with that? Can you imagine... granny with dabber in hand in a T-bar and halter? Wow, TMI.

Finally... back home in the ol' French quarter.

Ya... I gotta' lighten up on Paul. I was on his wrong side, litterally and figeratively, all night. I don't know which are louder, his pipes or Motörhead live.

I'll need these babies for a few days. Pardon?
Ace ♠

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