Monday, August 17, 2009

Snaggletöoth Air Cleaner Cover

When I got back from Harley-less days (for an explanation see post Tuesday Night Fishin'?!?) I decided to try some thing new. I took the air-cleaner cover off the bike.

I just left the face plate on.

It looks pretty cool but my intent had nothing to do with image, it was about giving the Motörheadster more air. She's louder and the engine seems to run smoother (it does coughs out the odd backfire). Sounds awesome! But I'm not all that thrilled with the face plate so, I thought I'd make a new one.

My wife had a few old cookie sheets laying around so I thought I'd grab one. The gauge of the metal is a hair thin, but I'm thinking of going with a velocity stack, or S&S up-grade eventually, so this may not be a permanent solution.

I began by tracing the air filter onto a piece of cardboard (cut it out) and then traced the cardboard template onto the cookie sheet.

Let's chop her out.

Trim off the edges.

Hey, it looks like it'll work.

I'm going to keep the old cover and face plate, in the off-chance I happen to want to sell the bike. Offers??

Time to grind down the rough edges and sand it.

Now, I'll grab the filter so I can mark where I need to drill.

Nice... I still have some paint left over from my last project. Hmmm, what the H-E double hockey sticks was it? Can't 'member.

She's ready for paint.

A couple coats of semi-gloss black and a couple of clear, and that should do it. I'll let her dry overnight.

I just happen to have an extra Snaggletöoth kicking around from my winter customizing project.

I also have some white pin stripe left over as well. I think I'll use it to make a border around the face plate and of course put Snaggletöoth in the centre.

Done! Now I'll slap it on the bike.

That's sic!

I can still see a little rust in the screw heads (OG screws from the old face plate), so I'll try and squeeze a little paint in there as well.

Other wise... the new Snaggletöoth plate turned out rather well.

Funny thing, I took it for a quick test ride and I swear I could smell... chocolate chip cookies!!!

Ace ♠

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