Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Night Ride - Cancelled

I am sorry to report that Tuesday Night's Ride was cancelled.

I was there and so was Paul but sadly, that was it. Apparently the guys either didn't make bail, were on life support or their bikes were disassembled (refer to: TNR - Steinbach)!

Paul mentioned Darren wanted to ride but, he had to bring his gear to Le Garage for their gig that night... yup, he was out. So we decided to call off the ride. And thanks to the aroma of Paul's Backwoods cigar smoke... I thought of something else to do.

As I was riding through the French quarter I realized... I was still in Cuba mode.

My neighbour Mike, his wife, their daughter and son-in-law Alfredo (who is of Cuban decent) just returned from the island nation and brought back some rum and cigars.

And apparently not just any rum.

Santiago rum to be exact. I'm not a rum drinker (the smell turns my stomach) but he invited me over for a drink and I didn't want to be rude, so I accepted. And I'm glad I did. That's the best rum I have ever had the pleasure of sliding over my pallet. Two ounces over ice in a large crystal tumbler. Heaven in a glass!

My Cuban experience didn't end there. As I was leaving Alfredo handed me a Cohiba cigar. Did I mention I really like my neighbours!

I own a humidor (thanks to my brother-in-law's fine wood-working skills) and have enjoyed my share of cigars over the years, Romeo Y Julieta are probably my favourite... Montecristos are OK, (over rated in my books) but Cohibas rank right up there for me.

So I figured I'd sit on my deck and enjoy my Cohiba, all thanks to the TNR ride being...

Oh well, I enjoyed my meal at Le Garage (best fries everrrrr), the ride home through St. Boniface during sunset, and of course my Cuban Cee-gar.

Tell ya what, next week I ain't posting bail for the boys... screw that! I'm going back over to my neighbours for another shot of that rum!

Ace ♠

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