Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lemmy's New Clothing Line

Wow, was I wrong. Here I thought last months release of some new Motörhead clothing was just another Snaggletöoth t-shirt for the masses of Motörhead maniacs like myself.

Not so fast grasshopper, Lemmy actually inked a deal to produce his own (or a Motörhead) line of heavy metal inspired fashion. I kid you not. T's, jeans, hoodies and jackets.

The line is being produced by surf, skate and graphic-T guru Bob Hurley. That's right, the same guy behind the Hurley clothing line all the cool kids are wearing.

Hurley (which is owned by Nike) unveiled the line in July at a party at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset strip in Los Angeles.

That's right Lemmy's favourite hang out when he's not on the road touring. The new Motörhead line of apparel includes a girls/women's line as well (similar to the bands O.G. stuff).

Here's some pics from the bash.

There's a great write up about the deal in the examiner and it even has a few quotes from Lemmy about what he thinks of the clothes. I love the closing line in the article. I guess this mean celebrities like Hilary and Haylie Duff won't have to leave Beverley Hills to buy a Motörhead T-shirt.

They'll just head to their nearest Hurley outlet on Rodeo Drive.

Oh, by the looks of it they've already got one.

Um... and it's the same one.

Also out this summer, Rob Halford (Judas Priest) has created his own clothing line called 'Metal God Apparel'.

The line was scheduled to launch in late spring, but was delayed until July.

There's a write up on Rob and his T-shirts on Funny.

Not to flattering. I think the guy had this image in mind when he penned the piece.

As for Lemmy's stuff, the designs will have the Motörhead logo, along with some of the band's favorite quotes.

I wonder if they'll print Dave Grohl's comments (from Lemmy: the Movie) on a shirt.

"F@#k Keith Richards! F@#k all those dudes that survived the 60's! Ya know what Lemmy's doing right now? He's probably drinking Jack & Coke and writin' another record!"

I'll take two.

Ace ♠

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Anonymous said...

What do the Duff sisters know about Motörhead ?! i bet they've never even listend to it ! i hate people just wearing t-shirts of bands just because the logo/graphics are cool !