Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vintage Pin Stripin' & Letterin'

Here's a great set of snaps, paying homage to Ol' Skool Stripin' & Letterin'.

Classic three colour letterin' with a drop shadow, wicked. All the pics are via: Joe Grippo.

Don't even need to look under the hood, the stripin' says it all.

No stickers on these old racers... just a steady hand, good brush and lots of paint.

Ha, sweet!

Great old artwork.

More classic letterin'. That door is just screamin' to be turned into a Hot Rod T-shirt.

A few striped & lettered helmets.

Looks like somebody was wearing a hawk/polo style helmet way before Jesse James ever did.

The variety of font styles the old boys used, just seems endless.

'Big Daddy' in gold leaf.

Self deprecating humour... a pin striper after my own heart.

The irony was just too much to pass on this pic. Ya gotta love it!

Ace ♠

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