Saturday, January 9, 2010

Slednecks Rule

Check it.

These guys are to free style snow cross... as Metal Mulisha is to free style motocross.

Yup, they call themselves Slednecks.

Slednecks riders include:

Sam Rogers

Paul Thacker,

And like the rest, no matter the extreme sports, they all have wild videos available, showcasing their mind boggling stunts.

The boys also do major arena events, in combination with the motocross dudes, across North America. But they also do some wild stuff outside the arena.

Here's some kick a$$ tape of Sam Rogers doin' a record setting back flip on his sled. Awesome!

And finally, here's Paul Thacker setting a world record (actually, he's breaking his own longest jump record). Unbelievable! SIC!

Ace ♠

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