Thursday, January 28, 2010

Go Fast, Turn Left

Well spank my monkey... I got me a late Ukrainian Christmas present, and I ain't even Ukrainian.

Check it, all the way from 95 Stonegate Spalding, Great Britain.

Ya baby, a #1 Issue of Sideburn Magazine.


The timing couldn't be better... I'm all out of reading material (just finished off the latest issue of The Horse BSC Magazine).

So... why am I so stoked. Well, Gary Inman & Ben Part publish the mag twice yearly. And it's a sweeeet little rag! Let me quote Gary:

It's inspired by oval motorcycle racing, and covers flat track racing and the road bikes loosely inspired by the racers, budget road trips and the heroes and zeroes we love.

In 01/2010 I noticed an offer Gary had running on their blog site, Sideblog that they got their hands on a bunch of #1 issues. Well, needless to say I couldn't click the mouse fast enough to place my order.

They also make kick ass, limited edition T-s, sweats and stickers. Thanks Gary, much appreciated.

Ace ♠

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