Monday, January 4, 2010


Get this... a guy intends on taking a picture (usually of himself) everyday for the next 361 days (he started New Years day). Ya, one full year. He calls his little experiment 'Project 365'.

This is photo or day #3. His Motörhead shoes. F#ckin'
great way to start dude!

His flicker name is Fodus Empire. Apparently he's tried this before but stopped because of (his words) "inherent laziness".

Peter Bower has taken on a similar challenge himself. His is called '52'. A pic every week for the year. There are other, similar New Years resolutions but these are easy enough to track (and provide an interesting take on life by a couple of photo pros).
Booze & Motörhead... my kind'a project! Very ambitious boys, good luck. We'll check back later to see how yer doin'.

Ace ♠

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