Sunday, January 24, 2010

Easyriders Road Show

"Git yer mota runnin'..." Easyriders took their bike show on the road for their annual exhibition.

These snaps are from the Sacramento and Charlotte shows.

Why do I always get sucked into profiling this style of rat rod. Cause it's kick a$$ wicked... that's why. This pic was taken at the Easyriders show at the Charlotte Convention Center.

I'm diggin' that front end. These are from the Sacramento, California show.

There's somethin' bout' this bike's paint, that I just love.

Rat bike extreme. These pics lifted from Wermut (Chuckles)

Good lookin' old Sporty.

How bout' this for a daily driver. An old Chevrolet half ton, including rust, just sitting' in the middle of the display area. Nice.

And hey... what would an Easyrider show be without Peter Fonda's 'Captain America' chopper from the movie Easy Rider.

Now that's what I'm talkin' bout'!

Ace ♠

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