Friday, January 8, 2010

Decker's Little Devil

This could be one of the coolest hood ornaments I have ever seen. Talk about kick a$$! It's called the 'Little Devil'.

I found it on Avilon Music's flickr page. Sadly it's the only snap I found and I don't even know what kinda car it's on top of.

This is the guy who crafted the Devilish beauty, Jeff Decker. He's well known in the biker/motorcycle community for his artwork and sculptures (and because he's a bike collector as well).

Here's Jeff with another one of his incredible creations, a bronze hill climber.

Love it. And Given today's date, (the anniversary of Elvis Presley's birthday) I'd be remiss if I didn't add this sculpture.

This piece, Elvis and his 1956 KHK Harley-Davidson, was commissioned by Bruce Rossmeyer. The bike currently sit in front of Rossmeyer's H-D dealership in Daytona.

But one of Decker's most talked about works, as of late anyway, has to be this one. This is a sculpture of Joe Petrali on his (circa 1937) Harley breaking a land speed record.

An amazing piece of work. Check the details.

This 'Land Speed' bronze is in the One of six statues (the original was commissioned by Bob Dron, owner of Harley-Davidson of Oakland, California) he cast.

One of those 4 tonne statues (base & all) was reported stolen from outside of Timpanogos Harley-Davidson in Utah. However that's not the whole story, this article in explains everything.

Ya, it seems the Devils in the details.

For more here's Jeff Decker's Website & Decker's blog.

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