Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cool New Parts for 2010

I gotta feeling, this may be one of the hottest (as in most sought after) parts of 2010.

crime scene choppers now offers this little beauty on its site. The control switch box (machined from mild steel) can either be welded or bolted on to your handlebars.

Nice. At $45, switches included, builders and local yokels will be snappin' them up.

Next up, two new gas tanks. This is a sweet Mustang tank. Finally some one offers a tank that's setup with the petcock installed in the bottom rear of the tank, to get every last drop of gas out of the cell. Capacity is 2.2 gallon, cost $225 (tank only).

And here's the Sporty version.

These tanks are available from pandemonium custom choppers. Both also offer (if you didn't already notice) a clear fuel line hose, used as a gas gauge. Both fittings are in brass. Capacity is 2.4 gallons, cost $150 (tank only).


And they also offer a new battery box. Looks great @ $150.

However this is one item (and I may be wrong on this) that I think'll fall flat. A special edition Steve McQueen line of helmets. Yeeesh! They're made by
Troy Lee Designs. Their $525, with only 700 lids going into production. We love Mcqueen, but the helmets... not so much.

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