Friday, January 22, 2010

Mind of the Demon

It's being described as a dark film, about the rise of freestyle motocross and the fall of the sport's most infamous rider, Larry Linkogle.

The doc is called 'Mind of the Demon: The Larry Linkogle Story'. Larry is a founding member of Metal Mulisha and is one of the baddest freestyle riders in the world (or was at one time).

The film stars some of the big names in motocross including: Larry Linkogle, Trigger Gumm, Nathan Fletcher, Travis Pastrana, Jeremy McGrath and Seth Enslow.

Its narrated by Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister. The flick also features original music from Suicidal Tendencies and tunes from Motörhead and Black Flag.

The movie is a look at the world-record holding dirt bikers life, told through archival footage and interviews with people who are top in the game.

(Mike Clark and Linkogle writing the score)

The film is being shown at Slamdance on 01/23/2010.

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Löst Jimmy said...

I thought you might a link to see Dr Mikannibal in all her beautiful glory...

I'm sure you will agree she is one hot Heavy Metal lady!

Plays a mean saxophone too

Ace said...

Wow. I think I'm coming down with some thing... an illness, no. It's YELLOW FEVER!