Friday, January 22, 2010

A/C For Sissies

I've found the perfect new motorcycle attachment for all those fair weather, whiny arsed, H-D fagger baggers out there.

A motorcycle air conditioning unit. I'm serious. It's made by EntroSys.

Actually it can also be used as a heater on those cool rides. You attach the main heating/cooling unit to the back of the bike, it's wired into the battery with a hose hooked up to a special vest which is worn under your gear.

This video explains everything. And there's more here at Doesn't this defeat the whole purpose of owning a motorcycle.

In my HO if it doesn't help you go faster, or stop faster... it ain't worth havin' on your bike. Period.

Ace ♠


Löst Jimmy said...

Ace - right on...To be honest it seems totally ridiculous. Surely the point of riding a bike is to feel uncomfortable at times from the weather, the flies, the cars, the state of the roads, so sticking a hose up your jacket is the least of your worries!
Does it give blow jobs as well?
Heh heh heh - sorry I had to make the pun!

Ace said...


Not sure LJ, but if you're ever caught in a heavy down pour, all you would have to do is just pull off to the side of the road and use the thing to blow dry you hair. Then, be off on your merry way!