Monday, January 18, 2010

500 Miles to Memphis

My hot roddin' rockabilly buds will love this. 500 Miles to Memphis is putting the finishing touches on their 3rd album/CD.

'We've Built Up To Nothing' will be for sale, on their site on 02/14/2010.

What may not be all that well known, is the album artwork was designed and painted David Lozeau. Here's a sneak peak.

It's an acrylic & 1 shot enamel, on clay board.

Which one is Dave's piece & which ones the band? That's pretty cool $hit.

Every body loves a kitchen party... and it's even gooder, when some one starts strummin' a guitar after a few wobbly pops.

If 500m2m get close to my home town, I'm gonna invite em' into my kitchen... and Dave, I guess you can come too .

Ace ♠


Löst Jimmy said...

Hey Ace

I am back to my side of the Atlantic and see that you have been very busy posting so lot's to catch up on, therefore I'd better get reading...

Hope your week is going good



Ace said...

Jimmy, welcome back.

Don't hurt yourself, my random ramblin's are nothing to get worked up about.

Hope you had a great time, are well rested and recharged for life.

I look forward to your posts as well.

Take care LJ.

Ace said...

Hey Jimmy, check out the post 'Lost, no not the TV show my tooth'

I;m sure you'll get a chuckle at my expense!