Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Say Cheese Wurzel

I may need some help with this one. The photographer claims this is a photo of former Motörhead guitarist Wurzel, enjoying a pint. Where and when this snap was taken... I have no idea. It was uploaded 01/06/2001.

I lifted it from cod'ead's flickr photostream.

It looks legit. If you can confirm the authenticity of this snap, pleas drop me a line. Löst Jimmy, Joe Petagno, Alan Burridge and/or any member of Motörheadbanger (the official fan club) I'm counting on you guys for this one.

Here's a pic Of Lemmy & Wruzel from the official Motörhead website forum. There's a few more pics of Wurzel playing with (what looks to be) a high school band if you're interested.
Ace ♠

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Anonymous said...

It was taken in Wincanton at Uncle Toms Cabin.