Sunday, January 17, 2010

You Can Run, But You Can't Hidemo

Many describe this as the 'new look'. I simply describe it as sweet!

A bobber-chop if you will. A sleek, clean and minimalistic scoot, incorporating both styles of bike.

Yet, with very distinct characteristics. Most notably, the thin (chopped) Frisco styled tanks. This is the work of Hide Motorcycles out of Yokohama, Japan.

Sic! Like... how many gallons does that cell hold? 1.5, maybe 2.

This baby is called 'Sportster of the Soul'.

Hm, a side mount coil & speedo... where have I sen that before?!?! My Motörheadster maybe.

This is the 'Black Wolf'.

More side mounted gauges but mini apes for bars this time. Again, no 'eyebrow' over the head lamp and a another small, indiscriminate air cleaner.

Speak the lingo, well you can check out their Japanese site Hidemo.

Th Sporty is dubbed the 'Narrow Chopper'.

It looks as if the OG swing arm is there, but he's eliminated the rear struts and replaced the oil tank. Love where he placed the battery (I thought about doin' that).

This little beaut is called the 'Madding Crowd'. Ya, no idea what the frick means.

The bars & spoke black rims make the bike (in my HO).

C'mon... that pic's dope!

Wow! How bout' this Iron head Sporty with a single down tube hard tail frame, an aluminum tank, downturn bars and radical springer front end.

The boys at Hidemo build a lot of cafes as well. Check this Buell cafe racer.

Sayonara homies.

Ace ♠

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Löst Jimmy said...

Oh I like this selection of Iron Horses...a lot!