Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ring of Destiny

I'm not one for jewellery, I own a wrist watch and one ring. However, these hand crafted beauties are the cats a$$!

It's called 'Alexander'; Ring of destiny. Get this... the skull is made from a meteorite.

It's designed and made by Marvin Lee Billings. The rock is set in silver, with Gold decorations.

On the one side of the ring is a 14k gold shooting star.

On the other are 3 gold balls, atop the end of 3 bands representing the spiritual trinity and the Greek Moirae.

Sweet, sweet sweet! These items are from his 'Day of The Dead' series. For more info go to: Spice Dragon.

This one also caught my eye, of course I was wearin' a patch that day matey! Its dubbed the William "Captian" Kidd Pirate ring.

The main skull is a cameo, with two red garnet eyes ya landlubbers. To finish the look off, Billings added a set of three - 14k gold teeth. He said he felt more like a dentist, than an artisan.

The band is inlaid with gold stars, a skull and sward. But I wouldn't wear it if I was swabbin' the poop deck!

His prices seem quite reasonable, and I'm sure he won't insist you 'dance the hempen jig', if you don't buy his wares.

Ace ♠

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