Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Motörhead 'KBD' for Rock Band

It's a good week for Motörhead fans and gamers.

The folks behind the crazy popular game system 'Rock Band' (Harmonix & MTV Games) are releasing a number of new songs from: Blue Oyster Cult, Hawkwind, Nazareth and yes Motörhead.

The tracks from BöC are: 'Godzilla' and 'Transmaniacon MC'.
Fellow metal blogger Löst Jimmy will be beside himself...
löst if you will, upon hearing the news.

You can snag Nazareth's classic tune, 'Hair of The Dog'.

Hawkwind's 'Master of the Universe' is available.

And Motörhead's 'Killed by Death', a version from 2008.

If you're a metal purist and think this is all crap... you should know Aerosmith made more money with their Rock Band game, than all their album sales combined.

Yup... it's all about the money.

Ace ♠


Löst Jimmy said...

Very nice selection there Ace. I like the inclusion of Nazareth and Hawkwind classics!

Ace said...

As do I . However, I'm left wondering LJ, if kids today will even know or truly appreciate the inclusions of bands like Hawkwind.