Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bikes & Burgers

Next time you're in Tempe AZ., check out the Sucker Punch Sally Diner.

These guys produce kick a$$ custom motorcycles, so one can only assume/hope they'll also churn out wicked burgers, shakes and fries.

It's the boys latest project in their ever expanding business.

However this is how they make their bread & butter.

This slick scoot from SPS is called the 'Workin' Man's Special' and won best built bike of 2009.

The former Ruby Tuesday's, has been decorated with vintage motorcycles and Fender guitars (and obviously silver clad metallic benches).

The 50's style diner, will offer breakfast 24-7, and have live music every weekend, they officially open Jan. 1st 2010.

Ah yes, but as you may know, SPS wasn't the first motorcycle manufacturer to open a burger joint with a bike theme.

One of the oldest motorcycle restaurants is the Ace Cafe London.

This place is all about man, machine and meals.

The cafe has been around for seventy two years and it's as popular now, as it ever was.

And just like anything else now-a-days, no matter what you want... you can get it with an Ace logo on it.

But hey I'm not complaining... that jacket is SIC!

You may also remember Jesse James of West Coast Choppers fame opened 'Cisco' Burger a couple of years ago.

I haven't eaten there, but according to reviews the food is pretty good.

Like him or not, it's a great marketing move on Jesse' part. And chances are, you may even run into Jesse, cause he seems to hang out at the place.

Wow, look at the size of those... onion rings!

Ace ♠

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Löst Jimmy said...

Bikes, Burgers, Babes and Beer ' perfect combo really...