Saturday, December 19, 2009

Flywheel TV Webisodes

Check it! If this show/TV magazine ever hits the mainstream commercial airwaves.... I'll be TiVoin' & PVRin' every episode man!

It looks wicked!

The name of the TV magazine is 'Flywheel' and it profiles the folks at Bone Shaker Choppers.

I can only assume the trailer and the video segments (character introductions) were pilot type videos, that'll be used to pitch the project and the concept. If I am mistaken, and this is the TV mag (and I'm a boob) I'll keep my eyes peeled to the net.

The vids are courtesy: Mr Nat Higginbottom

Here's another trailer, 'Let's Ride' with the boys rippin' it up.

And finally, a typical scene that could play out in any garage/shop, city/town, on any given weekend/weekday... a bike that's bitchin' and complainin' bout' kicking over. Wow... been there, done that and bought the T-shirt!

Ace ♠

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