Sunday, December 6, 2009

Max To The Max!

Max Grundy is a California based artist. His work is kick a$$. It's based on America's love affair with fear and the subsequent phobias that emanate from that fear.

His artwork evokes a propaganda style & imagery, in a vintage poster-type design.

More specifically, Russian propaganda art (circa the second world war).

Grundy says he admires the limited colour palette, dramatic text and the way his art grips people with it's quote "economic graphic quality".

I have no f&*k'n clue.

Dirk Behlau took this snap of Max hard at work. Check his website out here fearisthenew He's also a facebook dude and mySpace and a flickr user as well. (He uses lot's of media publications).

Here's what Max says his art represents:

"These are images based on fear. Fear is an interesting topic. Why is it in our society we are obsessed with certain images of fear and panic? Sometimes these images can be an anonymous fear (here represented by masks), while others seem to have little or no effect on the public psyche. Why do we pick and choose our images of fear? I believe that mass media is to blame. This set of imagery was inspired by living in a post 9/11 society. To me 9/11/01 was just another media exploited frenzy using fear tactics as a way for viewers to tune in and readers to buy magazines. Terror, anthrax and fundamentalism have all become household words."

However, Grundy's rebel attitude seems more focused these days, on hot rods and motorcycles.

For example, here's the original art (poster) he composed (I guess it's a preaching to the masses propaganda piece).

This is the Dice Magazine version. Way frickin' cooler!

I absolutely love this hot rod on the LA freeway number. That's bitchin'!

And here's a piece in which he collaborated with So-Cal hot rod pinstripe artist Skratch. It's featured in Ol' School Rodz Magazine.

Wicked hot rod/biker imagery aside... he just can't seem to get away from his fear/media, government conspiracy/propaganda stuff.

Well, well, well... speaking of the media. Hey Max, um are you doing a television interview?

Oh, and here's another you did with Well I guess using the media to help sell your stuff is beneficial. But wouldn't one consider that um... hypocritical?

Ah, what the he!! do I know... I'm just a dumb a$$ ol' biker. And by the way, Max's art is fairly cheap, most posters costs around $40. Inexpensive and available through a variety of media outlets. Ha... pretty soon Max will become a household word like terror, anthrax and fundamentalism.

Die to Ride ♠ Ride to Die
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