Monday, December 7, 2009

Hasta La Vista, Vista!

To those who frequently drop by, I feel the need to apologize for all the "post updates" I make from time to time. No, it's not you or your computer.

It's my damn computer. All I can say is... I frickin' hate blogging & publishing posts using my PC! No it's not totally cool or amazing.

It Fu*kin' sucks, big time!

There's an accurate snap. The PC, always busted!

I'm tired of the user error codes, it's updating time and the never ending new software upgrades, scanning pages, still loading, "another critical error has occurred" message and on and on and on....

Window Wizard this!

Ya, and if you're thinking of putting a new laptop or desktop under the tree, you know what I'd suggest! They may cost a little more, but they're worth it in the long run.

Oh and BTW, this post was published on my Mac. Hey... PC dude, do some sit-ups fat a$$!

Ace ♠

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