Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lemmy A Mastodon, FU!

Motörhead bombed em' to smithereens in Berlin. And from what I've read, it sounds like everyone went home happy, a little wobbly perhaps... but happy none-the-less.

The boys played the Treptow Arena 11/12/2009.

Here's some video of the gig in Berlin. Lem's voice seem a bit rough, but it's more than likely the poor audio quality of the recording.

I also thought I'd post this interesting little piece I found in the Financial Times of London. The Article was inked by Jonathan Guthrie.

Rock of aged

While fellow Notebook columnist Brian Groom was at a folk gig, I was seeing rock mastodons Motorhead, on the basis that they cannot have much mileage left in them. "It's great," one tattooed fan enthused to me, before Lemmy cranked the amps up to 11. "Downloading means royalties have dried up, so all the old bands are touring again." There was only one snag, he said: "The audience are all old guys who can't hold their beer, so the toilet queues are horrendous." Hard rock's highway to hell is now punctuated with comfort stops.

Jonathan, I must disagree. If you knew anything about Motörhead you'd know, the band never stopped touring! While all those old bladder challenged dick wads are lining up at the porta-potties to take a pi$$, Lemmy's crankin' it up and swillin' back beer mug, after beer mug on stage! And furthermore, Lemmy doesn't give a $hit about missing out on downloading royalties. To reiterate, if you knew squat about the Snaggletöothed hellions, you'd know he made more money off the song "Mama, I'm coming home" which he wrote for Ozzy Osbourne, than all of his albums to that point.

And as for your reference to mastodons (I doubt you meant the version I've linked), Lemmy would drink, f&%k and party you under the table... and he's sixty three!

Ace ♠

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