Saturday, December 19, 2009

Top Metal Album of the Decade

Metal Hammer UK has a web poll asking bangers to choose the top metal album of the decade. Ya... like that's gonna be easy!

Motörhead's 2008 release 'Motörizer' made the list.
You can vote for your favourite album/CD here.
Oh and by the way... (as I found out very quickly) you can only vote once.

Ace ♠


Löst Jimmy said...

Thanks for posting up the link Ace, an interesting selection on there and some undoubted classics. In fact looking at the list now I suddenly realise it is just about 2010, where does the time go!?
On the Motorhead album choice, I think Motorizer is right up there and I'd have picked Inferno (2004) for sheer heavy rock misbehaviour during the past decade - at least from a Motorhead perspective.

Ace said...

For some crazy reason Jimmy, I've taken a shine to Motorizer... the guys just seem to be getting better with age. Looking at the other choices;

'We Are Motorhead' (2000)
'Hammered' (2002)
'Inferno' (2004)
'Kiss of Death' 2006
'Motorizer' 2008

I don't think this was the band's BEST decade, but that being said, some bands don't even survive their first gig! However, 35 years and going, MH is doing just fine.

I will admit, 'Inferno' is raw and heavy... and I can't argue with that choice my friend.

Löst Jimmy said...

And looks like we will be treated to another album next year, can't wait!